ULS technology

Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers

Solicitors and licensed conveyancers are vital to our success by providing the capacity to carry out vast amounts of legal work instructed by our customers across our various comparison platforms.

We also provide our law firms with additional service offerings, including an online searches platform, electronic ID checks, bank account verification checks, and legal indemnity insurance policies.

Our solicitors and licensed conveyancers

We take considerable care in selecting solicitor firms to partner with, before we instruct them to carry out conveyancing work for customers. The working partnerships that we have in place have been built up over many years and we value them highly. We deliberately invest considerable time jointly working with these solicitor firms, continually seeking further improvements, in order that our business partners and customers can benefit from the best possible experience when moving home or remortgaging.

Benefits of working with us

Solicitor firms selected to join us have a contractual relationship to ensure that they maintain high standards of quality and deliver the best possible conveyancing service to customers introduced to them via our technology platform. In return we provide our solicitors or licensed conveyancing partners with:

  • Regular and cost effective new conveyancing work  delivered via ULS technology’s platform, originating from a multitude and variety of B2B relationships that ULS technology has in place. Solicitor firms can opt to receive a steady flow of new business from ULS technology, or, they can deliberately choose to scale their businesses, using ULS technology to help them achieve ambitious business plans.
  • Service and support – our helpdesk is available seven days a week to support firms. In addition, our Solicitor Liaison Team help to proactively build long lasting business relationships with our partner firms.
  • Market reach – we provide a platform upon which firms can promote and market their services to a vast array of businesses and customers. This is a highly cost-efficient way of marketing on a genuinely national basis.
  • Spread of risk – firms can obtain business from a variety of sources across different parts of the country and from different sectors and customer types. Firms then do not become overly exposed to one particular business source, thereby mitigating their in-house risk, boosting their profits and more importantly protecting their customers.

With the volume of instructions made via our platforms, many solicitors set up process-driven conveyancing teams within their practice to manage the instructions we send them.

Our ancillary products

  • Award winning search platform – enables our partner firms to order various searches cost effectively and expediently.
  • Electronic ID checking technology platform – helps firms to comply with Anti-Money Laundering rules and regulations.
  • Bank account verification checks – helps our partners mitigate risk.
  • Legal indemnity insurance policies – we provide our partner firms with a technology platform through which they can order highly competitive protection.

Did you know?

3% of all conveyancing work in the UK already goes through our conveyancing platforms. This figure is set to grow with our ambitious plans. We would like to work closer with solicitors and licensed conveyancing firms who also have ambitions to grow.

Interested in joining us?

Simply fill in our application forms and return to us at enquiries@ulstechnology.com, or for more information call our Solicitor Liaison Team on 01844 262392