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Lawyer Checker

With cybercrime and fraud becoming more widespread in the property world and with numerous SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) alerts relating to identity theft, it has become increasingly important for law firms to check the bank account to which they are sending client and lender's monies to on completion of a purchase transaction.

How it works

Lawyer Checker is an online service providing market leading, risk management solutions to the conveyancing industry. Their online checks allow conveyancers to gather further information on the conveyancer to which they are sending money to on completion. This enables them to better assess the risks associated with transferring funds throughout the property transaction.

The Account and Entity Screen offers an additional level of diligence where an entity is not known.


  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Solicitors are provided with an immediate response plus further research within 4 hours if the result raises concerns
  • Comprehensive database checks
  • Safeguards against genuine human error.


Solicitors and licensed conveyancers

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