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Estate agents like working with us because we've developed clever technology that helps link them with customers looking to either sell or value their property.

Estate agents chosen on performance

Because of the range of our estateagent4me service, the customers we link our estate agents to are located throughout the UK (Northern Ireland and Scotland to be included shortly).

In addition, the estate agent can be sure the customer has selected them correctly, as the customer will have already reviewed the factual performance data for the estate agency concerned based on a number of criteria which are important to them.

This is quite different from other “find an estate agent” services, which tend to be purely based on distance from a post code.

Supporting your business

Because our rankings are based on scientific metrics, higher performing estate agents will naturally appear higher in the lists. This is also something that we're more than happy for estate agents to use to promote themselves in their local area. This totally independent qualification of an estate agency's standing in their local area is a key benefit, alongside the estate agency firm appearing at the top of our comparison table.

In addition to connecting estate agents with quality customers, we can also support estate agents via our conveyancing platform, so that they’re able to help their customer instruct a quality conveyancing solicitor, which all helps to progress the property transaction to a successful conclusion.

Join us

There are over 10,000 estate agencies in the UK, and within just a short time of launch, we’ve already engaged with over 10% of the market, with this number growing on a daily basis.

As estateagent4me analyses data on over 95% of houses for sale in England and Wales, we expect our partnerships with estate agents to grow to encompass the majority of estate agents, as they’ll not want to miss out on these opportunities.

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